Fic post: Scouting For Boys

I will never be done with this fandom.

Title: Scouting For Boys
Fandoms: Leviathan, The Green Fields of France (Song)
Word Count: 5000
Ratings/Warnings: Teen. No major warnings.
Ships: Deryn/Alek

Scouting For Boys at the AO3

Summary: In 1916, Lord Baden-Powell holds an encampment for specially-selected Scouts from all over Great Britain, plus two last-minute additions foisted on him by Dr. Barlow, whose trainee spies need to learn some wilderness skills. Excerpts from the diary of one of the other attendees, one William McBride, aged 19.

Fanfiction: New-Made Honor

Title: New-Made Honor
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Alek/Deryn, Bovril
Rating: G
Word Count: ~1550
Warnings: Set post-Goliath, with all the spoilage that implies.
A/N: Since I have to struggle to read German handwriting at work, I thought I might as well make Alek struggle to master Roman script as part of his assimilation into British society. I originally conceived this piece as a drabble, but it was simply impossible to prevent Deryn and Bovril from expressing their opinions on the process, too. Concrit welcomed with a calligraphed note of thanks.
Dedication: This is for Noël, who borrowed $30 from me to purchase the entire series at once. Good taste is its own reward.

She grinned. "Nobody'd mistake you for a commoner, your ex-princeliness."

"Dead posh," the perspicacious loris agreed in his right ear.

More recommendations for Leviathan fans

I did a recommendation post for period books a few months ago, but I have two very different recs for the community. Polar opposites, in fact.

I'll start off with my serious one, The Beauty and the Sorrow: An Intimate History of the First World War by Peter Englund. Has anyone else read this? I just finished it this weekend and it was incredible. Almost like a novel, but it is a history. Englund follows 20 "characters" from many different countries and backgrounds as they lived through the Great War. He says in his introduction, "This is a book about the First World War. It is not, however, a book about what is was--that is, it's causes, conclusion and consequences--but a book about what it was like." I think he succeeds pretty well. Really great for getting the feel for the period, and it's really gripping too (despite its 550 pages). Try to get it at your library because it is a bit pricey, as it has plates of images of all of the people in the book.

The other one is silly, but it is just like a certain kind of Alek/Deryn fanfic. It the Korean drama Coffee Prince. The hero is a spoiled brat who's life goal is playing with legos even though he's nearly 30. The heroine is a girl who is often mistaken for a boy, and, like Deryn, she thinks a lot about her dead father and loves eating lots of food. They meet when he hires her to pretend to be his gay lover, but eventually they start to have feelings for each other. Lots of questioning sexuality, awkwardness, and of course cross-dressing. The best thing about the show is Yoon Eun Hye's performance, you can really believe that she's a boy, unlike 90% of cross-dressing actresses. You can watch it for free on Hulu. (It is 17 hours long, but highly addictive. If you can handle 17 hours of subtitles, I definitely recommend it.)
quite peculiar

Manual of Aeronautics

It came out!  I got one!  

My only regret is that it did not come in some ridiculously huge poster-sized format.  I would have bought that.

Highlights for me:
  • The deck cutaways illustrating scenes from the book (we see you filching breakfast, Deryn!).
  • The character bio for Dylan Sharp.  I dunno, that cracked me up.
  • The (presumed) death of Rusty.
  • Knowing when Dr. Barlow started working on the lorises.  That is actually a huge thing for me and may un-shelve a WIP fic.

Please discuss/squee at your leisure in the comments!

Manual is out!

Manual of Aeronautics was oficially released today, though it seems it came out early just about everywhere.

Seeing as this is our last book release (sob!) i would love a discussion in the comments. We can start with the endpapers, as those are on Scott's blog and available for everyone, even those waiting for the book.

The endpapers: Best thing ever, or best thing ever?

A responsible fandom

I was recently involved in a wee little debate on DeviantArt about the Newkirk/Lilit ship.  Shortly after that I ran across comments on another DA thread that said, more or less, that canon was merely the jumping-off point and fans could do whatever they wanted to and with the universe.

I disagree with both of those things, and for pretty much the same grounds.  

In the case of Newkirk and Lilit, my initial argument was

1) She's a lesbian.

This was countered by the other party, who - correctly - pointed out that Scott Himself said Lilit was what we would now consider gay or bisexual.  So, in theory, she could be attracted to men.  I accepted that and moved on to 

2) They have nothing in common.

You can argue that "opposites attract", but I don't think this holds true here (or much in real life, for that matter).  What on earth would they talk about, even?  How awesome Middy Sharp is? - that's about the only thing they can share.  And if they date, is Newkirk going to become an anarchist and start chucking bombs?  Is Lilit going to become a sky sailor's wife, waiting at home with a brood of children and some knitting?

This ship is completely unsupported by canon, in other words, which brings me around to the second thing.  As fans, of course we can do whatever we want with the characters and their world.  There isn't any Fandom Police to keep us in lockstep with canon - and once canon stops, as it has for the Leviathan universe, fanon has to chart its own course anyway.  

But you "do your own thing" at the risk of being OOC, of introducing Sues, of dragging the reader into bizarre corners you alone think are fascinating.  If you want to make an AU, call it such (but also remember that a good AU is good because it reflects canon).  Don't pretend that your personal fetishes are somehow "expanding" or "building on" the universe.  ...and yes, that last bit is directed at one Leviathan writer in particular, but I'm not going to say who.

Bottom line: if you really want to do your own thing, I think you should go write your own novel.  If you want to write fanfiction, you need to play by the canon rules or be willing to acknowledge that you're not.  That's our responsibility as fans.

tl;dr - but I'd love to hear some other thoughts on this.
Nora Reading

Cross-fandom rare ships exchange: nominations open!

So the new community shipswapis doing a fic exchange (in a manner similar to Yuletide, if you're familiar with that) over the summer for rare pairings in all fandoms, and they're currently in the nomination stage. You don't have to nominate in order to participate, but nominating the fandoms/ships you would be interested in writing for/receiving guarantees that they'll be on the list you can request and offer in the sign-up stage.

Because this fandom is so small, I'd guess that all pairings except Deryn/Alek would be eligible (more information about what, exactly, is considered "rare" can be found at the comm). I've already nominated the series and the following pairings: Deryn/Lilit, Adela/Lilit, Nora Barlow/Alan Barlow (so sue me, I like to believe Dr. Barlow has a happy married life in addition to being a badass lady scientist!).

More information here, nominations thread here. Hope to see some of you participating!